tracking technology

Tracking technology:

Colony has equipped its vehicle fleet and machinery with both a Satellite tracking and On Board Computer systems.

The systems are installed into the vehicles to:

  1. Improve safety for both drivers and other road users
  2. Improve customer service levels
  3. Improve management control
  4. Reduce running costs and carbon foot print through efficient driving
  5. Monitor vehicle running costs
  6. On board interactive driver training
  7. Safeguarding vehicles, drivers and cargo
  8. Route management and vehicle tracking
  9. Second by second accident analysis
  10. Zimbabwean legislation compliant


Satellite technology

The Satellite tracking enables management to monitor the vehicle position “live” anywhere within Southern Africa. The tailored tracking products and solutions utilize some of the most advanced technology in the world.

With multiple vehicle tracking options, you can:

  • Pinpoint the exact, current location of your vehicles, cargo and staff
  • Historical route replays to review journeys already undertaken
  • Find closest vehicle feature allows you to find the nearest vehicle to a customer
  • Real-time notification of entry into no-go zones and other user-defined Geofences via e-mail or as a text message to either or both your computer or mobile phone.
  • Movement reports that show you the locations from where your vehicles departed, where they arrived at and how many visits were made
  • Tabular, dynamic status reports showing current vehicle activity

On Board Computer

Monitors both vehicle and driver second by second providing numerous reports and graphs which help analyze driver behavior, vehicle statistics, customer info, running costs etc. Serious events and violations are reported live ensuring constant management and control.

The on board interactive driver warning through audible and or visual aids ensure driver safety and compliance.

Through both the Satellite tracking and OBC systems the vehicles and drivers are monitored 24/7 to improve customers service, efficiencies and safety.